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Healthy and flavorful. I can’t remember exactly what I’ve had for dinner here but everything I’ve had has been delicious and the portions are big. Rice pudding – um I was pleasantly surprised with this one. I normally am a cake and cookie and pie-aholic but this was what they had and it was pretty dang good.

This place is homey. I feel like I’m eating at my Grammy’s house. 🙂 I have to admit that the outside was less than pleasing. But the staff and the kebabs made me forget all about that! I will definitely be back for more.

The restaurant is clean, quaint, quiet, and cozy. The pita bread was warm and delicious. I also ordered the chicken lettuce wraps. They were very delicious and I would order them again. I love cilantro so I was pleased.

Amazing food. I’ve tried almost everything on the menu, and still can’t find anything I don’t like. Service is always on point. Everything is incredible. From the cinnamon in the iced tea to the amazing meats and dips.

My son and I were looking for a place to eat good food, this place is awesome! Everything we ordered was tasty and Juicy, just right!!

This place was great and will probably replace the last place we have been to for Mediterranean food. The prices were fair and the portions were a good size. Presentation is a huge plus (very elegant). The only negative is that it is small so it gets full right away.

Luv this place! We have been there 4-5 times now and the food has been excellent every time no matter what we ordered. Great service and hospitality no matter how busy they get. A great mom and pop joint with the potential to go big!

We ordered the beef shawarma plate that included hummus, pita bread, basmati rice, small salad and grilled tomatoes. We also got the Lula plate which contained all the same sides except this has both chicken and beef (yum!) Thank you for the excellent service and food. I can’t wait to come back.

The restaurant is clean, quaint, quiet, and cozy.

Excellent, Fresh, Affordable and Unique Food, served in a very cozy and unpretentious but well decorated and super clean atmosphere.

The chicken shish kebab is just wonderful. The Hummus is made “in-house”. The lettuce chicken is an excellent appetizer. The portions are very generous, served in contemporary pretty dishes and the utensils are from Godinger (believe it or not). Just as a head-up, the food is Mediterranean with a definite Armenian flair. You will love the food guaranteed!

This place was delicious and they give you a lot of food! The hummus has just the right amount of seasoning and the consistency is nice and thick. Don’t be put out by the location, it’s actually really nice inside.

It isn’t polished and fancy… and that is what makes it so great. The owners are true hosts. They genuinely care if you are having a good experience.

…I’ve certainly seen some moody, lifeless restauranteurs in the bucket of despair known as Van Nuys. While situated in a run-of-the-mill corner mall, once you find parking, (not easy,) and walk inside, you will be delighted. It’s a really good-looking place! The chicken was moist and flavorful, and the hummus was done up in such a way as to rival all of the run-of-the-mill basic hummus recipes available in the area.

Then came the soup. I cannot express how delicious this was. I added a little of the sour cream that came on the side and practically licked the cup clean. It’s a unique borscht with potatoes, beets and cabbage, a little spicy and full of flavor.

The Fatoush has pita croutons on it and I did not ask for them to be removed. It’s the crunch of the pita with the tang of the dressing and the sweetness of the lettuce that is the secret of this salad. Lusy’s version is rocking.

The chicken lettuce wraps were truly unique.

The thing I love about this place is that not only is it family owned and operated but that the food is super fresh and surprises you. Not many places have this quality of home cooked food, in my opinion.

I ordered the Fatoush salad and it was very fresh and well presented. The dressing was divine and obviously not from a jar.

Everything I’ve had (then and since) at Lusy’s has been fresh and delicious. Favorites so far are the babaganush, the beef shawarma, and the gyros. I LOVE the gyros! They are what tipped this review into a definite 5 stars for me: filled with tender meat, fresh tzatziki sauce, tomatoes and onions…my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

I’ve only gotten take-out; the restaurant is clean and inviting, but very tiny. Nice little gem in the valley!

First time here and I had the chicken shawerma wrap combo which came with a small salad and drink. The chicken was moist and delicious with really good flavor. You can tell that time and love goes in to preparing the meat. The tahini was excellent as well as the pita wrap which tasted fresh. The service is friendly too. I look forward to returning to try different items on the menu!

This place is an extremely good value. The restaurant is clean and the food is great tasting. It’s fresh and very well seasoned. We highly recommend this restaurant.

This place is the BOMB … The most excellent Middle Eastern food in my neck of the woods. Always fresh and made to order … The best. The Lula kabobs are my favorite and Lusy’s tabouleh is the best I’ve ever had. YUM!!

As you can see below, the owner is conscientious and thoughtful, and that is as important as ingredients. I will go again, I enjoy the food and look forward to my sit down visit.

My first 5 star review! My kabob was fantastic, as were the falafel bites and tahini. The boyfriend loved his gyro. Happy bellies! Have been back since this time, and they are always super friendly and we have loved everything we’ve ordered.

I ordered the Chicken Shish Kebab entree, and my friends ordered a Gyro and a Chicken Pesto Panini. The chef brought out a delicious plate of fresh hummus and pita bread while we waited. The main courses were so good!

Small and simple place with very friendly staff and extremely yummy food! Great Chicken Shish Kebob and Babaganush. We will be back!

Yum! We found Lusy’s on Yelp while escaping from two other unfriendly and crowded Lebanese/Armenian restaurants in the neighborhood, and glad we did. A small, unassuming, tidy little place, but what a pleasant surprise! It was delicious. Especially the babaganush–the best I’ve had in some time, and I eat this quite often. Super fresh, crispy falafel, great homemade hummus… and friendly service. Go eat here.

Stumbled upon this little gem while waiting for a car wash next door. Lusy is very hospitable and her food is amazing. like home cooking with lots of love inside. Everything was lovely and delicious. I would go here all the time if I lived nearby…

Lusy’s is nothing short of amazing. We eat there every week and also had her cater a large party. Her food is made fresh to order and is always fabulous. I especially like the lamb chops and my wife loves all of her chicken dishes. I don’t know how she does it but her chicken is always moist and tender. Best babaganush in town, we order it as an appetizer.

Lusy’s is a treasure tucked away in an unassuming shopping center. But don’t let the outside looks fool you. It is warm, friendly, and very comfortable inside.

If anything, the review was understated in that the food was fresh, inexpensive and incredibly well spiced. The babaganush was traditionally smoky and gathered heat in the container we took home. The borscht was filled with beets, potatoes onions and dollops of sour cream; unlike many, it was not a clear liquid, but more of a puree with chunks of vegetables.

The chicken and beef shawarma were tiptop in the saucing department, although I believe that the beef was better than the chicken. Even the salad of Persian cucumbers and fresh tomatoes surprised with a dressing that made a statement all of its own. We were too stuffed even to contemplate dessert.

If you like interesting food, find this place and prepare to enjoy yourself.

I trusted the reviews here on Yelp and decided to place an order for delivery. Really glad I did. Everything was really tasty and it was clear that everything was made fresh to order, both from the exceptional quality and taste of the food and in that we had to wait a little bit. Especially good were the chicken lettuce wraps. They had an amazing flavor and I guarantee they’ll be a regular item for us whether we dine in or order out. Oh, and Lusy was very friendly and attentive. GREAT little place if you happen to find yourself in the Van Nuys area.

This one is gonna be pretty simple. Great place for take out dinner or lunch. Staff is friendly and greets you with a smile. The tzatziki is on point and has nice large chunks of cucumber. The Gyro is cut rather thick and tastes amazing. Price is really affordable. Definitely a little gem in the Van Nuys area.

Best kabob and falafel I’ve ever tasted in my life. The owner and the chef are wonderful. The coffee is excellent and it’s so affordable. Bring your family and friends, I love this place.

Really loved the selection here and the prices were not outrageous or even high. Quick delivery, recommend. Hidden gem.

I never had anything on the menu that I didn’t like, in fact it was all quite good.

Good selection. Staff is friendly, service is quick. Great lunch spot. Great prices. The fries are top notch. The salads are pretty dang tasty.

The prices are low and the food is the best Mediterranean style food you have ever had. Lusy’s menu is not extensive, but has plenty to choose from…

If you’re looking for a great place for lunch or dinner, it’s Lusy’s. I enjoy the beautiful surroundings while eating Lusy’s delicious chicken kabob with rice, hummus, and pita bread. Good people, great prices.

This place was small but very cozy inside. Lusy was really nice. I tried the combo plate and it was great! Will come again.

Very good food. The owner makes you feel right at home. Or as she put it “Make yourself as home is.” Good food, good service, good prices.

Lusy’s is truly a hidden gem in the Valley! Once your try it you will return for more! The chicken kebob is my favorite! And everything is freshly made to order! Tell Lusy what you like and she will make it happen! A small and unnoticeable place from the first glance, but so delicious inside. Unique Mediterranean food cooked to perfection.

We love eating there so much that we hired Lusy (the chef) to be the caterer for our wedding. Result: happy guests, happy bride (important), and happy everyone.

This is the best Mediterranean restaurant in my area. Every so often I get a craving for hummus and Lusy’s has the best around. It’s got a bit of a kick to it (not sure if it’s garlic or spices) but I always get a large and use the leftovers on sandwiches and salads. The chicken is tender and fresh and is consistently cooked well.

Awesome place for Mediterranean food. Their hummus is bomb! The Chicken and beef shawarma are both really good! Great service!

This restaurant definitely makes it into my top 5 favorite places to eat. One of the things I appreciate most about Lusy’s is its consistency and its flavorful menu. There’s never a hit or miss situation with this restaurant, it’s always a hit!

The wraps always taste fresh and they’re always full of flavor. I am never afraid to be adventurous at Lusy’s either. On some days I like to try something I haven’t tried, and the dishes are always exciting to taste and they’re always absolutely delicious.

My best friend and I nicknamed this place “mom’s” because of the warm and inviting atmosphere inside of the restaurant, the kindness and attentiveness of the staff, and food that is clearly made with a lot of care and love.

This place is GREAT! Have been there several times and ordered to go, just now getting around to writing a review. Super clean, great service -even while you wait you get offered drinks and such … The food is delicious, have had appetizers and wraps. Oh also salad and everything is delicious. It’s a nice little place, do visit if you’re in the area, you won’t be disappointed.

I saw this restaurant in Westways magazine; I was in the area on business so I tried it! The pita bread was fresh and warm. The hummus was obviously homemade, and did not have the completely smooth consistency of the more processed, commercial hummus you can buy in stores. The side salad was fresh, green and good. The chicken kabob was pretty standard, the beef kabob was great and the Lula was very flavorful and delicious. The rice was delicate, pretty, and tasted great too. If I lived anywhere near this city, I would definitely become a regular.

Lusy’s is delicious. Fresh, authentic, and not overly oily! We get food here at least twice a month.

I love eating at Lusy’s! I love it even better that they deliver! Not a big fan of the chicken kabob, but everything else there is SO delicious – Lusy’s Trio, Gyro wrap or plate, Greek Salad, and the Borscht is just delightful!

The service was excellent. Very clean and attentive. Must try their babaganush and hummus.

We had the gyro plate and the lulu chicken and it was thaaa bombbbbb diggidy.

I definitely can see why this restaurant is one of the highest rated. My meal came with hummus-though normally a lot creamier, it was much more wholesome, as you’ll read from most other reviews is one of the best parts, I truly enjoyed it. My plate of ground beef kabobs came pretty quick. That was absolutely perfect, excellently cooked, none of the spices were over-powering, they were no way they could have made it more delicious.

I would recommend to anyone in the area to stop by this magnificent restaurant!

Good portions and fairly priced. The best thing is Lusy and her customer service. I love you Lusy.

This is my kind of place. The food here is out of this world. It is some of the best Mediterranean and Greek Food around. Try the chicken kabob and beet soup. It is really delicious. Everything is made here with love that comes from Lusy’s kitchen. The dining room may be small, but the large care and attention you will feel from her staff is awesome.

Based on great reviews we decided to try Lusy’s, even though it was in Van Nuys and warned of poor parking and a dingy strip mall. All that was true, but at 3:00 pm we found a spot just outside the front door. And when we entered, the place was charming and sparkling clean. I could go on and on about the friendly server, the attention to our needs etc. but the food is what I want to comment on. It was the best Mediterranean meal we have ever eaten, regardless of price. The trio of hummus, babaganush and tzatziki was outstanding, with depths of flavor I hadn’t experienced. I have made all three of these dishes at home, but nothing I’ve produced approached the quality of Lusy’s.

I decided to check Lusy’s out on a whim after reading some sparkling Yelp reviews and they definitely did not disappoint! Friendly service, very clean, and the food is oh-so-good! The chicken Lula kebab was ON POINT– Really juicy and richly flavored. The accompanying rice, hummus, pita, and salad were super fresh and also well seasoned. However, of all the things I ate from Lusy’s the other day, the crowning glory of my very delicious meal was the RICE PUDDING I had for dessert. Oooommmmggggggg… Thanks again for the tip, fellow Yelpers! Lusy’s has for sure earned a top spot in my local eats rotation!

“Mmm mmmm Mmmm Another Great YELP Find.” Jumbo Kabob Combination Plate -This plate had juicy skewers of chicken, beef, and Lula kabobs. This came with rice, pita bread, grilled tomato, humus, and Lusy’s green salad. Fatoush Salad with Chicken – A Lebanese salad with chopped lettuce, tomatoes, Persian cucumbers, feta cheese, mint, and pita croutons. The food was delicious and just the right portions. I’m looking forward to coming back for more….feed me more. I called my order in for pick-up and the customer service was great on the phone and even better in person. I agree with my fellow Yelper Andrew K “This place is up there with Hayat’s and Skaf’s as far as superb Mediterranean Valley eats”.

The parking is terrible in this little strip mall (not Lusy’ fault) but get over it and get to Lusy’s! The staff has always been very nice, and once gave me a free chicken leek soup when I brought my toddler in because she guaranteed my daughter would love it. SHE DID! She ate all my soup!

Food was fresh and tasty. Nice place with friendly staff. The chicken soup was delicious and had that great homemade taste that warms your belly. I also recommend the chicken shish kabob. Will be coming back for sure!

Great food! Tastes awesome. Try anything on the menu and have a sit down dinner. The staff is very friendly, very quick delivery. Try the soups.

This place is ridiculous. Probably the best hummus I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a lotta hummus. Like the Cookie Monster, but I’m the hummus monster. If I lived closer, I’d probably eat here multiple times a week. I love Lusy’s

Had the Chicken Kabob’s. Great, fresh tasting food, and nice ambiance although a VERY small place. Was with’ my Armenian Co worker who said “Taste’s like home made food from the old country to me.”

I go as often as I can. The best food, service and an incredible rice pudding. We’ve had Lusy’s cater a couple of events and have NEVER been disappointed.

An excellent place to eat kabob and hummus! Not only is the food tasty and fresh but the atmosphere is warm, friendly and welcoming. I met Lusy and her husband behind the counter as she proudly made recommendations from her menu. The food was very delicious and the prices were very reasonable as well. Truly a gem for lunch or dinner!

Well worth the high rating. The soup, the hummus, the salad. The Kebab and the Shawarma were all excellent. The rice pudding tastes great. I would have cooked the rice a bit more. Another great find thanks to Yelp!

I discovered Lusy’s based on all the positive reviews – and it didn’t disappoint! Inside it looks pretty fancy (even the best Mediterranean places tend to be dives) but the prices are really good…especially for the quality of food you’re getting. The babaganush is insanely great and so are the kabobs. Also had a chicken shawarma wrap for lunch, which was heavenly. This place is up there with Hayat’s and Skiff’s as far as superb Valley eats. Very friendly service. Seek it out!

Everything perfect! The Leek Soup is worth a special trip. Chicken Shawarma wrap was excellent. Great, friendly service. I took a Babaganush to go, which was also the best. The owner came out to say hello, when she heard it was my first time. She has a lot of justifiable pride about what she is doing, and that seems to be an essential characteristic of people making excellent food in small cafes. 18 miles from where I live, but seems worth the drive to avoid the mediocre Mediterranean food I have close by

This was so good!! We tried the chicken and rice soup, the chicken Kabob and the Greek salad too…Everything was delicious. My friend who also came to dinner had the gyro. I had a taste of her dinner and loved that too!! We can not wait to go back.

So I finally made it out to the actual restaurant to eat there. O.M.G. I knew the hummus was SUPER yummy from the take out, but my kid didn’t know that. I don’t know how this happened, but somehow, the sky opened up and the sun shone down a ray of light on the hummus because my 4-year old ate it. No, not ate it–inhaled it. In fact, he wouldn’t let us have any of it! Who is this child and where is the rug rat that refuses to try anything new?

And the other Yelpers are spot on about the great hospitality and service. This just makes me love Lusy’s even more!

Only drawback? They close too early! 8 p.m. on a weeknight! *Sigh. One tear melodramatically rolling down right cheek. Where am I going to get good Mediterranean food when I finally get my act together after work?
Gist: you should eat here.

Lusy served me the best babaganush I’ve tasted in my entire life. I was full but could not keep from cramming more into my mouth, and I am not a person who is prone to do such things. The hummus was also amazing–I’d put more effort into singing its praises more vehemently if I wasn’t so floored by the babaganush. I’ve eaten a good amount of it in my life and I simply had no idea of the potential in this modest little eggplant dip.

Everything else was also delightful–the tzatziki, the chicken leek yogurt soup and the service. My friend got the homestyle chicken soup and agreed. Despite the simplicity of the dishes, nothing was bland or, conversely, over-spiced in an effort to avoid mundanity.

The environment inside the tiny Van Nuys strip mall location is even warm and intimate. Lusy’s is truly a hidden gem deep in the Valley.

PS All this and it’s unbelievably priced. The small portions are merely small in comparison to the large ones. I repeat: go to Lusy’s!

The pita bread was so soft and cut into small little triangle pieces, the hummus was absolutely delicious. The home-style chicken soup was absolutely delicious, it was so perfect for a cold night out.

Great service, good food=what else can you ask for?

Great little place. You think it’s one of those hole in the wall mall places when you arrive, but you actually get a waiter who refills your water and the portions are big enough you can almost split one with a friend or at least bring some leftovers home for tomorrow’s lunch.

I was yelping for restaurants that deliver in my area and came across the highly-rated Lusy’s Mediterranean Café & Grill. YUMMY! Very easy online ordering…

We liked the Beef Lula Kabobs, Chicken Shawarma, and Creamy Chicken with Leeks soup, but the hands down favorite was the Beef Shish Kabob. Oh, and the sampler trio of Hummus, Jajik and Babaganush with pita was really good, too, especially the Jajik.

Lusy’s is definitely on our list of new favorite restaurants and has been placed at the top of our list of favorite restaurants that deliver. I’m looking forward to trying the Gyros plate and Chicken Kabobs for our next order.

I love it when a place is rated so highly and the Yelpers are so right! I will add to the chorus…Firstly, they close at 8pm, which for us is a little early on the dinner side, so be aware as you’re making plans. SALAD – fresh HUMMUS – fantastic. GYROS PLATE – a-freaking-mazing, just the tenderest, best seasoned beef and lamb strips with tahini/cucumber sauce and perfect rice. CHICKEN SHISH KABOB – tasted this, also perfectly cooked, juicy chicken. Everything is so lovingly and thoughtfully presented by the friendly service, it actually makes me smile to think about that oblong hummus dish with two tiny scooping spoons, or the fancily bottled water. Not a lot of foot traffic while we were there, but this place should be killing it. Seriously, Lusy’s is not a restaurant you should “think about” trying – you absolutely have to go, stat!

This place is a mom-and-pop shop that’s definitely worth checking out for several reasons. First off, don’t let the dingy appearance of the outside of the shopping plaza scare you away. There is a hidden gem of yumminess inside. I ordered the Lula Lovers plate, hold the pita bread and rice with extra salad. I normally don’t eat pita bread or rice because I’m on the Paleo diet. After taking our order, the waitress brought out some hummus and pita bread. She knew that I didn’t eat pita bread, so she brought me cucumbers instead. Awesome! According to my friend, the pita bread and hummus were delicious! Okay, so onto my meal. I had the Lula lovers plate. If you don’t know what a Lula kebab is, it’s basically marinated ground beef or chicken cooked on a skewer. The meat was perfectly seasoned and tender. Finally, for dessert we got the rice pudding. I know… It isn’t Paleo but I gave it a whirl since the waitress recommended it and the experience was so amazing. The rice pudding was delicious! It comes out warm and tastes just like horchata in a dessert form. I’ll definitely be back again, and I know that if you go, you won’t be disappointed.

I don’t usually write reviews but this place deserves it. After visiting it a couple of times I seriously cannot find any flaws in the food. I love the fact that when you eat in, they serve everything on nice plates and glasses with good looking silverware. It goes a long way to make your meal complete. As mentioned before the food quality is amazing and the staff is friendly. Will keep going back.

Omg I’m so full. It’s one of those “it’s so good that I just can’t stop eating”, moments.

We had the juiciest lettuce wraps, the best hummus I’ve had in L.A., the chicken soup you’ll see everyone talking about, is wonderful…

They’re fantastic and wonderful and you’d be remiss to neglect this as a ‘hole in the wall’ when passing by.

Ordered the Falafel plate. The small side salad was excellent! The falafel was perfect, crispy outside tender inside and not too dry. The rice, hummus and tahini were spot on! I can’t recommend this place enough!

Everything we ordered was simply delicious.

First I ordered the creamy chicken with leek soup. It was absolutely delicious. In fact, it was so delicious that a guy eating across the restaurant overheard me place my order and told me from across the room that he had just had the soup and loved it.

First came the salad, which took me aback with how really, really delicious it was (I’m not a huge salad fan, and after all, this was just their generic dinner salad). Then came the dinner plate. The meats and hummus were all tasty. I capped everything off with their homemade rice pudding, which was also, by this time not surprisingly, really good. Lusy’s is a wonderful place. As Arnold said, I’ll be back.

Great food almost too affordable for the quality. Nice environment, coming back soon.

Excellent hummus! Lusy comes out from cooking her made fresh to order food and you get the sense she makes it with love! I had the chicken Lula and it came hot and super tasty. The fries are ridiculously good as well.

Very nice staff, great food and the babaganush and hummus were truly fresh made. They were easily the best eggplant and garbanzo dishes that I have enjoyed in California. The babaganush is so good it deserves another mention. The kabobs were tasty – especially the beef. Most importantly, the price is very reasonable (2 full dinners / $30) and I knew that I got top value for my dollar. We will definitely be back for more deliciousness.

Better than any other Mediterranean place offering delivery. Everything is fresh looking and very flavorful — unlike most places, they are not afraid of using spices.

In terms of Mediterranean food, Lusy’s is my reference point for what outstanding Mediterranean food tastes like, and what a great family run restaurant looks like.

This little restaurant deserves to be noticed. It’s clean, cozy, the staff is prompt and attentive, and the food is fresh and delicious. Try Lusy’s Meat Combo plate! The eggplant dip is a savory appetizer, and we really enjoyed the beet soup. So healthy! The chef-owner, Lusy, even stopped by to say hello.

Thank you for the excellent service and food. I can’t wait to come back.

This is the best Middle Eastern- Mediterranean-Armenian place in the Valley. It’s got the most tasty chicken kabob I’ve ever had. There are even two types. One is made from delicious juicy meat and the other is made with ground chicken and exotic spices. It’s so awesome. Even the special rice is perfect. All dishes come with salad and some of the best hummus. Lusy is always in the back kitchen so if you come here ask to meet her. She will absolutely take care of you like family.

I love Mediterranean food, and the quality and portion size of this place is great.

The beef kabobs were juicy and very flavorful. The gyro was perfection. The hummus was real hummus not the imitation. Definitely ordering or dining in again.

Just had lunch here for the second time. Fantastic food, friendly staff. The Lusy’s tabouleh was outstanding.

First of all the service is just amazing, the food is one of a kind. I’ve tried almost everything on the menu and never disappointed. I highly recommend everyone to visit Lusy’s. Keep up the excellent work Lusy.

Everything was perfect. I mean PERFECT. The owners are so nice and caring and it makes me feel super welcome! My goodness, the pita was warm and light and toasty and delicious! Their hummus was even better! I don’t think I can eat anyone else’s hummus ever again. The salads were great too!

Me and my boyfriend ordered Lula kebabs and they were moist and flavorful! I loved it! I swear I won’t go any place else for Mediterranean ever again. Lusy’s has got me on lock.

Most delightful cozy, friendly restaurant with on site owner who is gracious and appreciative of your dining choice. Excellent food, fresh and not heavy, extra pita and hummus always included at no charge. Great hummus, salads, chicken and beef. Enough for this vegetarian palette! Visit this sweet place and enjoy!

THE BEST! Don’t even consider going anywhere else for Mediterranean food! I have NOTHING BAD to say about this place. It’s the KING.

Food is absolutely amazing! On top of that service is totally on point. This our favorite spot on this side of the hill. Food is fresh, hummus is amazing and tastes homemade, chicken is tender. If your looking to find something that is more home cooked and healthy this is the place.

Love this place. Amazing service and amazing food at a reasonable price. You can tell that the owners really care about treating their customers well. Everything I’ve had here has been great.

Amazingness! The humus is and I don’t even like hummus!!! The chicken kabobs are juicy and tender and the salad is amazing.

We ordered the beef shawarma plate that included hummus, pita bread, basmati rice, small salad and grilled tomatoes. We also got the Lula plate which contained all the same sides except this has both chicken and beef (yum!)

Chicken Lovers is my favorite but everything is good!

The best Mediterranean food in town! We love the gyro plate…so much food we always have leftovers. And they deliver!

Lunch with coworkers- and we were all happy with the tasty, home made, fresh taste of the reasonably priced food. The service is great and I recognized a joy in seeing people enjoy their food.

I enjoyed everything I tasted: Fatoush- fresh and their dressing is delicious and lemony. Hummus- homemade Tzatziki- I think they use Lebne which is like a thick cross between yogurt and sour cream- it was excellent.

The Armenian coffee was a great way to end the meal. One of my co-workers managed to save enough room for desert. He scarfed down that Napoleon!

LOVE this place. If you want AUTHENTIC Mediterranean food in a pleasant atmosphere, brought to the table with a smile- this is the place for you.

This place is fantastic, and it’s already my new go-to place for kabob in my area. I’ve only ever gotten the chicken shish kabob, and it’s been great each time. Juicy, flavorful chicken over a bed of rice (my weakness), a grilled tomato, hummus, bread and salad (with their bomb, homemade dressing).
You also get a free iced tea for checking in on Yelp. It’s some of the most delicious iced tea I’ve ever had.

I drive by this place often, but never really gave it a try. Now that I did, I want to kick myself for not doing it earlier. First of all, I walked in and got greeted with a warm welcome.

I devoured the contents like I haven’t eaten for months. Each bite was followed by an “Oh My God”, or “MmmHmm, Where have you been all my life?”

This has got to be my new favorite Mediterranean joint. I will be coming back again for another orgy session in my mouth.

Amazing restaurant inside a plain strip mall (it’s the nicest looking store in that corner). Delicious, big pieces of meat. Pillowy soft pita, and the Tzatziki, Mutabal, and hummus…so fresh and flavorful! The best part is the price. I usually pay double for the quality I get here. I’m definitely putting this location on my rotation of restaurants I frequent.

I can’t remember the tea we had but it was extremely delicious!! Of-course the food was great but that tea was just AMAZING!

Love Middle Eastern food and tried hundreds of places around the world and this is in the top three for sure, number one in LA by far. Super fresh. Nicely prepared and presented. Staff is warm and nice. Definitely on the cheap tab side which helps 🙂 they deliver, they cater. I mean: what else? TOP.

We really like Lusy’s. The food is high quality and always fresh. Lusy and Avo have a passion for the food they prepare and serve, and their attention to quality is apparent in every detail. Want a glass of water? They’ll bring you a chilled bottle of filtered water and serve it in a goblet. Nice touch.

The food is made by hand with love. You can taste the love. Meats are marinated, moist and flavorful (try the chicken or beef kebab). The salads and Mediterranean specialties are authentic and delicious. These lovely people care about every detail and the food keeps us coming back. They get five stars from me because of delicious food, value and a predictably pleasant dining experience.

Amazing food with great flavor. Nothing is too much or too little…it’s just right. I have had the gyro pita wrap and the falafel wrap. Both were very very good. I added the yogurt sauce though…cause it’s the bomb.

MY GF and I had a trio of hummus and yogurt and babaganush with pita and some falafel bites. We also had the fatoush salad and kinda mixed it all together for a taste that can’t be beat!

This place is great. Great I tell you. You will not be disappointed. Fresh and Fantastic.

I love love love this place! Yeah, it is small and parking sucks (small parking structure), but the food will not disappoint you!! I am in love with the hummus here and the ice tea (must try). I recommend the Lusy’s trio! I usually get the combo special, comes with a drink, salad, and wrap for 8.99, good price! This is probably one of my favorite places to eat in the valley.

What a treat to find the proverbial ‘hole in the wall’ that is spotless, delicious, healthy and two can stuff their faces for about $50. The chicken and leek soup was scrumptious, served piping hot… The hummus, babaganush and pita bread were sensational.

Great find! We are from out of town and found this hidden gem. Excellent food and excellent service! We will definitely be back again!

I’m gluten intolerant and couldn’t have pita so asked for a substitute. She cut up cucumbers real cute for me to use to dip into their absolutely delicious hummus. The lettuce wraps are my favorite, beef Lula kabob, gyros and house salad were super tasty. Well everything was great. Definitely coming back.

As you walk in, you’re greeted with a warm welcome. The restaurant had a nice atmosphere to it almost as if you were in your own home.

I ordered a combo plate with all the meat which included chicken, beef, and lamb kabobs. All the meat was seasoned just right and juicy as well. The rice was soft and light complimenting the meat nicely. It also came with a salad that had a tasty vinaigrette dressing to it. As well as hummus that they make fresh which was very delicious along side warm pita bread.

The price is also very inexpensive for the quality of food. They also served us fresh tea that they brewed, unsweetened, but was good regardless. I definitely recommend this restaurant if you’re looking for a place to have a good and inexpensive lunch with friends, coworkers, or anyone!

…We had a wonderful experience. The food was very good. Even the drinking water was filtered and their pita chips were served warm. Much attention to detail here and the friendly service topped it all off.

The quality, service and cleanliness have been consistently excellent. A great place to spend your hard earned money in Van Nuys.

This place is awesome! The chicken and the babaganush are amazing.

Wow, this place is great. Had hummus, babaganush and gyros plate. Everything was great. The place is very small but the staff were attentive and friendly. Can’t wait to go back.

A diamond in the rough. A rose among thorns, etc. A really terrific eating experience. Customer service at Lusy’s was tip-top and food was authentic. I would definitely recommend to anyone.

Hoody to the doggone hooo! I am at a loss as to exactly what we ate, but everything was absolutely delicious in every sense of the word! The place itself is a little small, but the quality of food, pricing and friendly staff more than make up for this small drawback. We wandered around the menu and the flavors of every dish made us explore even after were full. The food was excellent, loved their Lusy’s trio appetizer, the service was great too. Will definitively be back!