About Us

“Food is a something we all have in common. You can use it not only for nourishment but as a means to show support, relieve isolation or provide comfort. It’s basic. Food can bring families and communities together,”
Chef Lusy Gradzhyan.

Lusy arrived in the United States not speaking any English. She opened Lusy’s Mediterranean Café & Grill in 2006. At Lusy’s insistence, everything was from scratch. No canned ingredients, no pre-made sauces or packaged foods. Her recipes came straight from Lusy’s grandmother with her own touches.

Word-of-mouth and Internet postings began to spread about her cooking. Food critics began writing about their experiences.

Reviews from LA Daily News and Westways Magazine, with four million readers, chose Lusy’s as a top pick. Yelp, the online guide for restaurants, calls Lusy’s “stellar” and rates it as among the top in Los Angeles for fresh Mediterranean cuisine.

Named champion at a West Coast chef’s competition in front of industry pros, chefs and restaurant owners. Lusy continues to delight and satisfy diners every day.

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Menu items are carefully planned for nutritious and healthy eating and prepared with American Heart Association guidelines in mind. Food presentation for each plate is carefully designed to be colorful and appetizing. This is what patrons today want – fresh, healthy, delicious, affordable dining.

At Lusy’s, we believe if you come once, you are a friend. Come twice and you are family.
We look forward to welcoming you,



  • Healthy and flavorful. I can’t remember exactly what I’ve had for dinner here but everything I’ve had has been delicious and the portions are big. Rice pudding – um I was pleasantly surprised with this one. I normally am a cake and cookie and pie-aholic but this was what they had and it was pretty dang good.

  • This place is homey. I feel like I’m eating at my Grammy’s house. I have to admit that the outside was less than pleasing. But the staff and the kebabs made me forget all about that! I will definitely be back for more.

  • The restaurant is clean, quaint, quiet, and cozy. The pita bread was warm and delicious. I also ordered the chicken lettuce wraps. They were very delicious and I would order them again. I love cilantro so I was pleased.

  • Amazing food. I’ve tried almost everything on the menu, and still can’t find anything I don’t like. Service is always on point. Everything is incredible. From the cinnamon in the iced tea to the amazing meats and dips.

  • My son and I were looking for a place to eat good food, this place is awesome! Everything we ordered was tasty and Juicy, just right!!

  • This place was great and will probably replace the last place we have been to for Mediterranean food. The prices were fair and the portions were a good size. Presentation is a huge plus (very elegant). The only negative is that it is small so it gets full right away.

  • Luv this place! We have been there 4-5 times now and the food has been excellent every time no matter what we ordered. Great service and hospitality no matter how busy they get. A great mom and pop joint with the potential to go big!

  • We ordered the beef shawarma plate that included hummus, pita bread, basmati rice, small salad and grilled tomatoes. We also got the Lula plate which contained all the same sides except this has both chicken and beef (yum!) Thank you for the excellent service and food. I can’t wait to come back.

  • The restaurant is clean, quaint, quiet, and cozy.

  • Excellent, Fresh, Affordable and Unique Food, served in a very cozy and unpretentious but well decorated and super clean atmosphere.